Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vacation's Over: Back To Blogging

I've returned from my vacation to Anchorage to celebrate mom's 86th birthday. She's slowing down, but is "fully functional," and I got to spend 10 days of "quality time" with her. I learned some outrageous family lore, and had a few faulty memories of my own corrected. I'll treasure this trip always -- it was outstanding in every way.

Leaving home is always very hard on me emotionally (even after 38 years of once-or-twice-a-year practice sessions), and now I also have to adjust to the wicked jet lag/3-hour time change. traveling East is always a challenge. I flew first class for the second year, in a row and I'm never flying any other way if I can help it.

I had my first TSA body scanner encounter on the way back, and I "opted out" for the manual rub-down search. It wasn't bad, but then again, I'm a horny bachelor.

Naturally, with all my free time, I read even more than usual, and I finished some great brain books which I will review in more blog posts.

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