Thursday, September 23, 2010

Discover Gates to The Hollywood Clique

Discover Gates to The Hollywood Clique

Meet Drew Gates, the man behind Hollywood’s most coveted velvet ropes, who influences thousands by sending a single text message, he is
The Hollywood Clique

Hollywood, CA (9/23/10) - Be prepared, when Drew Gates, founder of "The Hollywood Clique" sends a text message that he's hosting an evening at your club or restaurant, hundreds of the hottest, ultra chic 'in crowd" will suddenly appear on your doorstep.

Wielding the coveted power of Los Angeles' secret velvet rope, Gates along with his partners mean money to the struggling clubs and restaurants by bringing a beautiful crowd who enjoy cocktailing and mingling the night away simply knowing they are in the most difficult place to get into in town.

Bar210 was in just this place, when Gates decided to hold his 'intimate' birthday party with friend and Hollywood socialite, Jaimie Hilfiger. Film, television and sports stars had publicists pulling favors to bypass the 400 person deep throng pushing to get beyond the velvet barricade into the scene that was unfolding inside. The waiting guests could hear the pulsating music, laughter and could only watch the glowing faces that came outside to tell friends they couldn't do anything about the line - but were waiting for them to get in. Stunning models dripping in Gucci, Armani, Dior, Dolce & Gabana cheered on entering and immediately started gyrating to the sounds of LA's top DJ who had the place hopping.

This is a little bit of Hollywood magic, and this is what makes Gates the key to the "it" crowd and The Hollywood Clique.

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