Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Industrial Color Software Announces Strategic Partnership with MovieSet™

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Industrial Color Software Announces Strategic Partnership with MovieSet™

Agreement Brings GLOBALedit® and Advanced Approval Tools to Real-Time Social Media Web Publishing

New York, NY (5/24/2010) -- Industrial Color Software announced today a strategic partnership and technology development agreement with MovieSet™, the leading production and pre-release marketing platform. The new strategic partnership gives independent motion picture, television and web content producers access to a secure marketing service already in use by the major networks and studios.

MovieSet.com is an innovative platform that combines film and television production workflow tools with a consumer-facing social media interface designed to build core audience beginning from the development phase onward through to distribution. Industrial Color Software's GLOBALedit® solution is an online media collaboration system used by leading film studios and network television groups to manage photo shoot projects and online talent approvals.

GLOBALedit®, through its integrated solution set, gives producers online software to edit and manage approvals for large numbers of promotional images around very busy shooting schedules. With the collaborative, easy to use tools available using a web browser or an iPad, GLOBALedit® helps its clients migrate away from traditional paper photo approvals to the web. GLOBALedit® was established in 2002 and is a service of Industrial Color Software.

"We're excited to join forces with MovieSet™," said Aaron Holm, VP Development at parent company, Industrial Color Software. "This partnership allows GLOBALedit® to provide more in-depth services to the growing number of Independent producers utilizing the MovieSet.com platform. We’re looking forward to bringing our Approval Gallery workflow to a broader audience of production groups”.

"GLOBALedit’s approval system is key to providing premium services to Producers and Studio marketing departments who are looking for a streamlined solution that will allow for secure Web publishing of digital assets such as still photos," said Colleen Nystedt, Founder and CEO at MovieSet Inc. MovieSet™ provides basic free approval tools to producers, however, GLOBALedit® offers a superior value-added system. Most importantly, GLOBALedit® has established trust relationships with major clients in the film and television industry, including Warner Bros., Universal, Disney and Showtime. Ultimately, this will assist with adoption and enable delivery of real-time behind-the-scenes content to online audiences”.

To learn more about GLOBALedit, visit https://www.globaledit.com.

To learn more about MovieSet.com, visit http://corporate.movieset.com/.

For more on MovieSet.com, Founder and CEO Colleen Nystedt, contact Media Relations , +1-310-860-7774

For more on GLOBALedit®, contact Meghan Furtado, Marketing Coordinator, Industrial Color Software, , +1-212-792-2747

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indie Filmmakers Make Money In Filmmaking Process with MovieSet.com & SoKap (Biracy)

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May 19, 2010


VANCOUVER, Canada (5/19/10)
- A significant deal, preempting Cannes is the strategic alliance formed between internet portal MovieSet.com and crowdfunding social utility start-up SoKap.

MovieSet.com helps filmmakers build their core audience online and provides a suite of production management software and behind-the-scenes capabilities. The site also enables producers to stream content to fans over the entire life-cycle of a project - from development to delivery.

"We wanted to create an incentive that would reward filmmakers for investing time into marketing on the front end of production. By partnering with SoKap filmmakers are enabled to monetize their fan bases," said MovieSet.com founder Colleen Nystedt.

SoKap founder, David Geertz, caught the attention of MovieSet.com when SoKap's pilot beta - The Biracy Project - launched several months ago. The Biracy Project is crowdfunding and crowdsourcing a multi-million dollar science-fiction film by engaging fans throughout the filmmaking process.

"We initially planned to develop our own suite of promotions and production tools," says Geertz, "but working with MovieSet made perfect sense" after numerous producers approached him requesting access to SoKap. "Once we decided to open up the platform it became obvious that MovieSet would allow us to leverage their standing with not only filmmakers, but their fans".

For more information on MovieSet.com and Founder Colleen Nystedt @MovieSet or contact Media Relations , (310) 860-7774.

For more on SoKap - The Biracy Project, @biracy and founder David Geertz, visit http://www.biracy.com, or contact Phil Botana , (816) 217-4151.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joseph Jackson, Father of Michael Jackson to Be Honored in Cannes

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May 14, 2010

Popular Press Media Group (PPMG)

Joseph Jackson,
Father of Michael Jackson to Be Honored in Cannes

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - May 14, 2010) - Mr. Simon Sahouri, President of the Jackson Family Foundation is pleased to announce that Mr. Joseph Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, Patriarch of the First Family of Music, and creator of the Jackson Five, has accepted an invitation from TotalPrestige and Las Vegas Hollywood to attend this year's Cannes International Film Festival. This will be Mr. Jackson's inaugural festival visit.

The highlight of Mr. Jackson's Cannes visit will be the unveiling of the Jackson Family Foundation's plans for the creation of the Jackson Family Museum; the Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Culture Center, and the Jackson Family Center in the family's hometown of Gary, Indiana.

Press conference details for Mr. Jackson's announcement are available upon request.

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, Mr. Jackson will be honored by the Jackson Family Foundation at an exclusive celebrity event in Cannes hosted by Las Vegas Hollywood and TotalPrestige. Event Chairpersons Mr. Simon Sahouri (President, Jackson Family Foundation), Mr. Marco Derhy (Chairman & Founder, Clean World Wide), and Ms. Rose Marie Perez (Founder, TotalPrestige) will present.



The Jackson Family Foundation was established by Joseph and Katherine Jackson for the purpose of developing the Jackson Family Museum & Cultural Center and Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center & Concert Hall and Jackson Family Center in the birthplace of the Jackson musical family; Gary, Indiana, as both a memorial to their son Michael and a tribute to their entire family. In addition, it will support cultural, social and educational projects carrying on the philanthropic work of Michael Jackson.

The Jackson Family Foundation will endeavor to help encourage unity between cultures and people, and to support disadvantaged children through education and scholarships who have the ability to excel in the arts, music and entertainment by enhancing their outlook on life and instilling in them a vision for their future that there is nothing impossible in life if you put your mind to it. The goal will be to pass on the vision to build centers in other cities and countries around the world to deliver Michael's and the Jackson family's message globally: "Peace, Love & Unity." Mr. Simon Sahouri the President of Jackson Family Foundation welcomes any support for these projects. simon@jacksonfamilyfoundation.us

For more on the TotalPrestige Group, http://www.TotalPrestige.com

For more on the Clean World Wide Media Group, http://www.Cleanww.com

Media inquiries and for exclusive interviews with Mr. Joseph Jackson, during his stay in Cannes please contact, Angel Eure, Publicist Angel, +1-562-458-6700, Publicistangel@aol.com

Media inquiries for the Jackson Family Foundation / TotalPrestige / Clean World Wide Cannes 2010 event: +1-310-600-0575, media@ppmg.info