Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VIBME Delivers the Future of Internet Sales With the Patented SCARTTM Card!

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April 18, 2007

VIBME Delivers the Future of Internet Sales With the Patented SCARTTM Card!

VIBME (Pronounced "Vibe-Me") L.L.C. Holds the Patent That Will Revolutionize the Marketplace of Online Media; VIBME Introduces the Future of Internet Media Distribution: Prepaid Downloads of Specific Items With the SCARTTM Card and the Ability to Give a Serial Number to Digital Media Sold at Retail

LOS ANGELES, CA -- April 18, 2007 -- Have you been to a concert lately where you were told that you could pick up a free promotional download at the end of the show, or that you could purchase the artist's "electronic-album" by simply purchasing your pre-paid download card, there, at the show? Have you purchased a CD with a downloadable bonus track? Back at your personal computer you log online, enter a code and downloaded the music you already paid for. Without even knowing it, you have just participated in a great new test market for media purchases called the SCART™ download.

With SCART™ distribution, the right to download is purchased at retail. The actual content is distributed via the Internet, thus bridging the gap between retail customers and the Internet window shopper. Specific download authorizations are not your typical prepaid "stored value" dollar amount gift cards. These downloads are for your specific item, with specific cover art on the card.

Unfortunately, some artists who are using SCART™ don't realize that it has been patented. They may have to rethink what they are doing to avoid legal complications. "All artists need to do is give us a call," said James Ord, Director of the eMedia Division for VIBME. "The service is not expensive, and artists and labels can even sign up for a licensing deal if they've already got their own website set up."

The numerous advantages of SCART™ make it an ideal delivery system for both deliberate and impulse buyers. When customers come to the website to download items, they have already made the purchase.

Some customers who are new to the Internet will be drawn to SCART™ because it eliminates the possibility for most types of online identity theft. Buyers may purchase a SCART™ code by using cash, credit card or any form of payment. The consumer does not need to give any personal information over the Internet. Kids are more likely to convince their parents to buy them the particular music or game they want because parents do not have to give over credit card numbers. A specific gift card lets parents give exactly what their child wants and not some dollar amount with no thought behind it.

Where content is age restricted retailers are required to check ID before making a sale. Age verification is handled at the purchase counter possibly reducing liability for web hosts. These retail features of SCART™ make the once wary retail buyer an anonymous Internet customer.

VIBME owns the patent on SCART™ distribution. VIBME is now licensing SCART™ distribution and protecting its intellectual property. VIBME is providing a solution that is protecting children, retailers and content providers, protecting against identity theft and eliminating phishing. By using SCART™ to sell digital downloads at concerts and through bonus tracks with CDs, Internet-savvy artists and recording labels can increase sales and revenues. Licensees like Internet TV networks, feature film studios, music download and VOD services who offer a wide span of content, can now access retail markets for their digital content.

By using SCART™ to sell digital downloads at retail, companies are taking technology to the next level. To secure a SCART™ license, or for more information about VIBME, contact VIBME sales at (888) My-VIBME (698-4263) or visit

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