Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Approaching the 'Put up or Shut Up!' moment...

We're going to start today's posting with some story time..  Don't worry folks, as with everything we write, there is a point being made..

Once upon a time, there was this boy-- his name was Ben, and every day he'd sit on the front step of the porch, eat ice creme or such, dream he was more important than he really was, and just watch the world go by.

And one day, Ben notice a pack of vicious, cutthroat dogs across the street.  These were some real dirty, untamed mongrels-- so filthy and wild, one dared not attempt to pet for fear of having hand ripped to shreds.

Ben was a lonely little boy and wanted those flea-ridden dogs to like him, so he whistled and called out to the dogs to come to him.   When the dogs saw Ben, their first instinct was to tear him into pieces but they noticed the ice creme cone in his hand, so they approached peaceably.

Ben also quickly realized why they bothered to notice him so he gave up his ice cream to the dogs.   And so pretty much every time he saw the dogs re-appear in front of his house, he'd give up his ice creme to them.
The filthy strays didn't appear often on Ben's doorstep because they had other means of finding food so receiving ice creme from this lonely, pathetic little boy wasn't a top priority.  But soon the food was gone-- the ice cream became the sole means of survival...  So they appeared at Ben's doorstep often.

But Ben had no intention of always giving ice creme out.  He just wanted to feel important at those given moments.  So the dogs would appear, Ben would promise ice creme in the future, and even though dogs don't understand human-speak, they assumed eventually they would get fed.

After a while of this game being played on them, the dogs growled and showed off their razor sharp teeth; their cold blood-thirsty eyes locked impenetrably on this stupid cowardly boy..   And expressed as  wild dogs best can, that they weren't putting up with this anymore..  If there was no ice creme by the next visit, the dogs would shred the boy to pieces and have no second thought.

Ben, being a lonely, sad little coward of a boy realized he didn't control the dogs as he imagined, and now the dogs controlled him...

And the next day there was plenty of 'Quality Enticing' brand ice creme for the brutal, base animals to gorge upon

And everyone lived happily ever after... well except Ben who ironically ended up 'bitch' to the bitches
One of the reasons the stock market spiked about 600 pts within the last 3 trading days of last week was the hope that to Investors, Bernanke would finally deliver QE3 at the beginning of August rather than September or beyond...

All that fresh money into the market to profit from... yum yum..

And today the Fed announced that its keeping watch and will do something if things get worse, etc.. But...  No new additional stimulus this month.

The Dow was at +20 before the announcement... its at -20 now.  And while that swing isn't newsworthy or dramatic, one does not need to see a massive sway to know that Investors are no longer investing in a post-Lehman Bros world off companies' dividends, but off Federal Reserve rumor.

Without the Fed, the stock market would be toast, and these ravenous dogs in expensive suits would starve to financial death..

'Buy on the rumor; Sell on the fact'

How much longer do you think these soulless people are going to allow the Fed to continually dangle QE3 without following through, before they show their sharp teeth toward Bernanke?

When it comes to profit making, patience is thin toward anyone impeding it

So the focus now is on the meetings tomorrow and Friday with the ECB...  Hopefully that will turn out to be a major disappointment like all other expectations and results in a nice drop by Fri afternoon or Monday..

Remember, if someone had a true plan to save the Eurozone or the global economy, they wouldn't announce it... they'd simply implement it.  

Or you can think of it like this-- a man sitting at the edge of the bed proclaiming to his woman how great a lover he is...  and never moving from that spot.
Everything in life ultimately has its 'Put up or Shut up!' moment..

In finance and markets, we're quickly approaching it.

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