Tuesday, April 3, 2012

~ Poetry as repayment for a lost wager

Pardon us for this mini break from finance and economics related postings.

Seems our Editor in Chief lost an NCAA College Basketball Finals wager last night and now is obligated to repay a debt with one of our colleagues i.e. yours truly.   The wager was that if Kentucky won last night, that our fair-minded boss would allow a short poem to be published here by moi.   And had Kansas won, well.. the repayment would have been too gruesome and jaw-dropping to mention (a gentle tease of course).

So Kentucky won last night, and thus, the short poem:

Lazy Tuesday (A Poem)

Oh how to pass the time
Awaiting the coo-coo to chime
On this most lazy nothing day.

So I chose to self-entertain
On afternoon so sunnily plain
It'd make one wish for skies a'gray.

I crunched on some crisps
To block out windy whisps
That were aching my daintly ears

I then blasted up some crunk
While mimicking appearing drunk
And ended up laughing myself to tears.

And as sun drifts into dusk
So dissipates this day's stale musk
Thoughts hazily drift onto the morrow

When daydreams sparkle most alive
Buzzing like bees in a hive
And more ticking-time I wish to borrow.

~ Yours truly once again thanks such a gracious boss for keeping one's word, and now we return to regular finance-related information in the next posting...

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