Monday, May 14, 2012

Checking the checklist..

Let's see where we are in the world..  got our checklist handy...

-- It's Monday and we're all awake before 3pm (~grins)..  Check

-- US Markets are down double digits (as of 2p) ..  Check

-- Greece unable to form coalition government .. Check

-- Continued respect for Syriza party.. Check

  *  Respect for standing up to Germany, the banks, the Troika and the rest of the rotten filth that controls the System we all are shackled to in one form or another
-- Acceptance among financial elite of Euro breakup..  Half-Check

 *  Financial know nothing know-it-alls acknowledge the reality begrudgingly though still many "experts" on CNBC and writing op-ed pieces that this is all hype and things aren't so bad, so keep buying stock

-- Continued side-issue distractions by politicians and media.. Super-big Check

 *  ~Peeking at Newsweek cover of Obama as "The First Gay President", Time's salacious cover of a woman breastfeeding her son and a front page story on the Wall Street Journal declaring now is the Perfect time to buy a home..   The goal never changes-- distract, distract..

Seems like we were able to a lot of checking off today...

Unfortunately the list is still incomplete.. Still some things left to check off, though admittedly we filed this list under the header "When Hell Freezes Over":
-- Media admit and apologize for being corporate shills

  * To admit and apologize collectively for working solely for their corporate masters and those specific interests.  To admit that the media's goal is to  keep people relatively non-informed, non-engaged and non-stimulated to take any sort of action that might threaten status quo.

-- Political parties apologize for duping the American people

  *  Democratic Party admitting that in the 21st century its economic policies are right of center and Wall Street focused and Republican Party admitting it has shifted economically to the extreme right (Tea Party) and become more heartless than it was during Reagan years (if that's possible).

  *  This allows Dems to still be "left" of something while abandoning the core principles and values of the FDR-Kennedy-LBJ years.

-- A stock market that falls ultimately to around 5,000 

  *  This is the number which would accurately reflect the true US economy if not for all the Fed meddling and tampering

Gee, upon second glance we just realized our list of unchecked items is pretty long so we're going to stop here and spare the reader..  

Let's just say its quite a doozy..

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