Monday, October 24, 2011

The higher they rise...

The Dow finished +104 at 11,913 and oil rose a whopping $4.22 per barrel to close at $91.61.

You know what that means folks:  The market-oil corollary is intact and as Investors benefit, you suffer more at the pump. Just 4 weeks ago oil was at $72/barrel- this was when the financial media was saying how terrible it was that markets were dropping.

Yep, just terrible...

And what information did cockroach Investors choose to ignore today?

* Realistic possibility of USA credit downgraded by another agency within 6 wks.

* EU's leaders not having a clue how to contain the debt; supposedly a magic solution will come on Wed- this is what the vermin who make their living in the market hope and believe anyways.

*  Continual ignoring real economic factors that nation is in serious rut- unemployment, home value depreciation, no sign of improvement, etc.. oh, you know-- the lil things everyone else cares about

I'm still hoping for a market crash.. I do so every day.  Not to financially profit or benefit from it (I'd rather swim with literal sharks than put $10 into this market).  I want the market to drop severely to a level consistent with the True ecomomy, because its the only way to rid the market of the speculative element which is driving up prices of all commodities- oil, electricity, corn, cotton, etc.. that the bottom 99% are affected by.

You should be hoping for one too.

~ I shoulda' been a tree surgeon

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