Friday, October 14, 2011

Now Chinese people will be dressing Horribly too

~ Traditional Chinese wedding dress

Chinese culture is beautiful.

A nation that brought us Confucius and Sun Tzu; imaginative art and delicious cuisine; a nation that invented fireworks, gunpowder and a thousand other technological advancements.  

And unlike Steve Jobs, none were greedy, egotistical billionaires canonized by others as near-deities for it.

But I digress..

And there was a time their culture and traditions were unique; its clothing as example.  Of course, this was before they and every other non Western culture decided to give up their individuality in the early-mid 20th century and conform to the Western model of dress and behavior.  

Now, it looks like China's fashion sense will be taking further turn for the worse:

"Gap Inc. plans to close stores in the U.S., while expanding in China.  The struggling retailer, which runs the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic chains, detailed plans on Thursday to close 189 locations, or 21% of its namesake Gap stores in the U.S., by the end of 2013. At the same time, the largest U.S. clothing chain said it plans to triple the number of Gap stores in China from about 15 by the end of the year to roughly 45 by the end of next year."  -- Washington Post

I know its terrible that now it means the loss of around 3,000 entry level US jobs at least, and cause untold financial hardship to commercial real estate, particularly malls who are finding a continual increase in store vacancies..

But think on those poor Chinese... now they will be paying more money for a brand name that makes them look like goofballs and complete slobs

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