Friday, October 21, 2011


Remember the corollary we mention quite often... the absolute simplest way to understand the stock market without having to listen to all the deeply nauseating ad nauseum of CNBC and other garbage finance news:

Market climbs when US dollar is weakened & price of oil climbs

Market drops when US dollar is strengthened and oil drops

Pretty simple..  let's look at the market today...

~ Dow at 11,733 as of 1:30p

Ok.. and why is this?

FOREX-Dollar slumps to record low versus yen (Reuters) -- "The U.S. dollar slumped to a record low against the yen on Friday in its biggest one-day decline in nearly two months, bringing back into focus the threat of official intervention to weaken the Japanese currency."

And who is responsible for a devalued, dliuted US Dollar?

Criminal #1...

~ Fed Chair Ben Bernanke

Quick point:  In the Reuters article it mentioned Japan needing to try to weaken its currency in response the US dollar falling so dramatically vs the yen.

This is important to remember-- ALL nations are in a race to weaken their currencies to solely benefit corporations of those nations. When a nation's currency is strong, it helps the populace but makes products more expensive to export.  Cheaper costs mean greater profits off their exports and thus help corporations' stock dividends.   The euro, yen, renminbi (china's currency), swiss franc, etc..  They care nothing of their populaces and the everyday life ramifications of people having to may more for essentials and having less money to overall survive.

Every nation has their own 'Ben Bernanke'.  Better hope and pray for a stock market crash folks because its the only way to stop people like Bastard Ben and his cabal.

So anyways, getting back to the corollary, what is oil doing so far?

+ $1.06 per barrel at $87.13 as of 1:30p

And this was based on?

Oil companies restarting operations in Libya - Washington Post


Libya's Oil Production Could Quadruple In A Year (Business Insider) -- "The killing of Moammar Gadhafi reduces the chance that violence will get in the way as Libya cranks up production again."

And who proudly murdered.. um I mean killed Gadhafi?

Criminal #2...

And does President Obama feel any reservations or guilt over pretty much assassinating another world leader?

Obama hails death of Muammar Gaddafi as foreign policy success (Guardian UK) -- "The President warns other Middle Eastern dictators, particularly Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, that they could be next"

And why would the President be taking this strategy?

~ Gallup: Before & After Osama Bin Laden's death; Democrats stayed at 81% support; Republican support increased 12pts to 21% and Independents rose 9pts to 49% approval of Obama.

~Not much more to add really...

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