Friday, October 21, 2011

Media Manipulation of Bureau of Labor Stats

The Bureau of Labor Statistics today reported that half of US states saw a decrease in unemployment figures.

And pretty much that was that,  The putrid media didn't choose to delve into the numbers to paint a more accurate picture of what the BLS stated today.

 Luckily for you dear readers, A&G did.

Let's put aside the obvious semantic word games which is that if 50% of state employment improved, it means really the other 50% got stayed the same or got worse.  In the BLS report, they mention specific states who were the highest in job additions and subtractions, so let's bounce them off one another.

The US state that added the most jobs in September was Florida with an increase of 23,300 jobs.  The US state that lost the most jobs in September was North Carolina, a loss of 22,200.   So when you take the state with the highest increase and the highest decrease, that difference is +1,100 jobs created.

Good so far..

Let's compare 2nd best vs 2nd worst now--   Texas added 15,400 more jobs to rank second best in employment addition.  Ohio ranked second worst, a loss of 21,600.  So when you merge the two figures, that's a difference of 6,200 jobs lost.

Now let's compare 3rd place states--  Louisiana was 3rd best when it came to adding jobs: 14,100.  Pennsylvania was 3rd when it came to job loss:  15,800.   Merge those figures and get a difference of 1,700 jobs lost.

Take the 3 Top states and offset with 3 Worst states: net loss of 6,800 jobs

That's not too optimistic is it?

Of course no matter the job market, there's always one surefire way to get hired if desperate enough-- offer your services to employers at 25-50% less the salary the position should be paying. You're virtually certain to get hired.  Which is of course exactly what employers want- people willing to work for bare bones.   After all, to them you never want to waste a good recession-depression.

Now if only they could stop those pesky unemployment checks

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