Friday, October 7, 2011

American taxpayers bailout Europe's banks

From Financial Times: "The International Monetary Fund has called for a swift recapitalisation of Europe’s banks to stabilise market... Antonio Borges, the IMF’s Europe director, estimated the cost of such a move at €100bn to €200bn ($265bn) as he sketched out an increasingly dire economic forecast for the continent."

So.. $265 billion... and the US contributes 17.4% of all IMF funding..

That's umm.. let's see... comes to...

 $46.11 Billion US taxpayer dollars.

There is a System.  And it is Complex and Elaborate.  And it is Intentionally set up so that no matter who you elect into office, or how long you stand in the street with a protest sign, your wealth, national treasure and your children's future are to be meticulously and systematically taken.

Sorry to be so glum folks... It just feels like sometimes it never ever ends..

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