Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing With Light

I've decided to experiment with colored lenses to see if they affect my mood or ability to sleep.  So off I went to Amazon and eBay. and ordered up some cheap sunglasses.

Since I stare at the computer monitor all day, the first thing I ordered from Amazon was:

Sheer Vision Computer Glasses with Peach/Light Beige Polycarbonate Sheer Glare Anti Reflective Lenses, Clip on Flip up, Rectangle, A (54-56mm) B 47mm) -- cost $18.00

Product Description

Are you tired of letting the glare of your computer bother you all the time and then wondering why your vision is getting worse and worse? The consistent glare from a computer monitor isn't exactly the healthiest thing for your eyes. Visionary Supplies would like to introduce Sheer Vision.

Sheer Vision is a line of superior quality, anti-glare filter glasses for the computer eyewear market. Our company devoted the necessary time and resources to developing an Anti-Glare Computer Eyewear product that not only does the job, but is the most comfortable and stylish to wear. Here's how we did it...Sheer Vision is an enhanced polycarbonate plastic lens material with a unique coating applied to both the front and back surfaces. The coating creates a unique physical characteristic on the lens that resembles an oily residue or a drop of water in a puddle. This unique coating eliminates the glare from any computer monitor while the enhanced polycarbonate material blocks the harmful UV light rays coming from the screen.

These UV lights are normally very dangerous to the retina. The combination of these two materials on a single lens allows the user to view the computer monitor with a softness and a contrast between colors unlike ever before. Not only do Sheer Vision products reduce glare and UV light intake, but our state of the art lenses also reduce headaches that usually are caused by prolonged, unprotected exposure to the persistent onslaught of harmful rays from all computer monitors. All of our glasses come standard in a polycarbonate double-sided anti-reflective coating, scratch coating and UV protection.

..... And they didn't even mention those nasty office fluorescent lights.

Next, I read that blue light is a key to setting the circadian rhythm for sleep and also enhances a positive mood, so I bought these cool cat blue lenses to wear in the morning hours (not while using the computer) on eBay.

New Attitude Blue Lenses Sunglasses Motorcycle Black Spring Assisted Temples - cost $10.00

Then for night, in order to enhance the low-light "sunset" experience as the prelude to sleep, I plan to slip on orange lenses, which filter out the invigorating blue light from artificial nighttime lights such as electric lightbulbs and TV (a somewhat contradictory notion to absorbing that same blue light earlier in the day -- so we'll see what's what).

KD Original Orange Lenses Sunglasses Motorcycle With Storage Pouch 2128 -- cost: another $10.00

Net cost for everything -- $38.00. If anything seems to actually work, after a trial period, I may invest in high-dollar prescription ground versions of the colored lenses.

ZZ Top "Cheap Sunglasses"

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