Monday, November 19, 2012

On the Blogs: What Nutritionists Snack On

I guess I'll give these Seasnax seaweed treats advertised below a try.

Greek Yogurt - "Right now my favorite snack is a 6-oz cup of Greek non-fat yogurt (plain), with 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of chopped, dried plums (I use Plum Amazins' to save chopping time)."

Brussels Sprouts And Carrots - "Sometimes I like to snack on brussels sprouts or carrots -- especially right before dinner. I'll pick at them while cooking, and find I can easily get in a cup of veggies and all their beneficial nutrients (like fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C)."

Roasted Seaweed - "I love Seasnax roasted seaweed in the grab-and-go packs. This is the perfect snack for me when my kids are eating their dinner but I'm eating with my husband later on. Its just 16 calories per package so if you need to eat a second pack you can."

A Cup Of Hot Chocolate - "I guess I'm a seasonal snacker as my favorites seem to switch whether it's cold out or not. In the winter: 1 cup hot chocolate (made with real cocoa powder, honey and skim milk)."

A Green Apple With Almond Butter - "Snacks are always key! I'm a big fan of 1 tablespoon of almond butter on a grain cracker with a sliced green apple."

Half An Avocado - "I'll have half an avocado with lemon and sea salt -- with apple slices if more is needed."

Dried Cherries And Roasted Nuts - "Dried cherries and roasted walnuts or almonds (the cherries are sweet and packed with antioxidants and the nuts contain healthy oils and protein to keep me satisfied)."

Hard Boiled Eggs - "I love having hard boiled eggs or an egg sandwich -- I have a new-found love of all things eggs."

Dried Edamame - "My favorite snack is dried edamame. It is portable, high protein, convenient and quick while working. It is handy to take on business travel as well. I keep some stored in my desk so I always have a healthy snack ready to go."

An Avocado-Kale Smoothie - "An avocado, kale smoothie -- for satiety, energy and deliciousness."

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