Monday, November 7, 2011

Some good news from UPS

Yesterday we wrote on the distortion in reality between what the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report stated and the reality of the job climate right now.   And overall things are bad.

But we are not a doom n' gloom blog and when there's something positive or good on the job front or the economy at large, we happily talk about it.  And we believe the following is good news, albeit temporary:

UPS plans 55,000 holiday hires, up 10 percent (AP) -- "United Parcel Service Inc said on Monday it plans to hire 55,000 seasonal workers during the holiday shipping season... A strong wave of shipping activity in the final days leading up to Christmas is expected to fuel holiday delivery volume... The 55,000 UPS seasonal hires will work throughout the country as loaders and unloaders, and assist drivers."

We really don't believe this will be a 'sensational' holiday shopping season like most experts are bloviating, but since online shopping is Big, most Christmas shoppers always procrastinate to the final days as if they just magically discovered the holiday is celebrated on Dec. 25th and since UPS actually pays decent wages in comparison to most companies, we will treat this as a sincere positive.

So work hard UPS temps, enjoy the rush of being suddenly super busy, and don't allow yourself to get bummed when pink slipped on Dec 26th

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