Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RivalMe College Trivia App Scores Big at Los Angeles & Atlanta Launch

RivalMe, a free mobile app and website, that lets you play college trivia with friends and rivals, launched on Saturday November 26th on www.RivalMe.com.

Los Angeles, CA – November 28, 2011 RivalMe, a free mobile app and website, that lets you play college trivia with friends and rivals, launched on Saturday November 26th on www.RivalMe.com.  Thousands of fans were introduced to RivalMe at their activation events, coinciding with Rivaly Week, in Atlanta and Los Angeles.  With tailgate parties at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the USC vs. UCLA football game and Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia for the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football game, RivalMe hosted Rivalry Tailgates, with street teams at both sites to start the party and engage in friendly and raucous team rivalry.  RivalMe founder, Dr. Steven Rotter, states “RivalMe is the place where the 99% of the students who did not get to represent their school as an athlete, can compete on the field of knowledge. As we all know, knowledge is power! The question of school rankings will finally be answered!”

Fans at both games were encouraged to step in and show their team spirit in RivalMe photo booths with instant YouTube sharing.  “It was great to interact with the fans at the tailgate parties in Los Angeles and Atlanta” stated Sameer Gupta, Co-Founder, “more than 500 videos of "RivalMe Moments" were uploaded on Saturday for the RivalMe Now $1,000 viral video contest.”  You can view many of them now at www.YouTube.com/RivalMeNow.  Those across the country can join in too, by taking a 30 second clip of their best rivalry moment; from a kiss to an argument to a hand-made sign, and then upload it to www.YouTube.com (and share with win@rivalme.com) for a chance to win $1,000.00 this week, the deadline to enter your video is Friday, December 2nd.

RivalMe is initially targeted to college students, alumni, and other college fans. It has been designed and developed for one singular purpose: To ask better questions. With an artificially intelligent game engine and industry-leading game developers, RivalMe is revolutionizing the world of cognitive gaming.  “We see RivalMe becoming an addictive game that lets people show their friends and enemies just how smart they are” stated Co-Founder David Peck.

Available at RivalMe.com and accessible on iPhone, Android and Tablets, RivalMe is a fun trivia game with questions about colleges, rivalries, sports, history, TV, movies, music, science, art, and more.  The game customizes trivia to your interests and personal profile. With its intelligent backbone, RivalMe learns what questions you like, and gets rid of things you hate.  The more you play, the more you win.  Answer 100 questions and get a free drink.  Answer 2,500 questions and get a free flight.

RivalMe is poised to become the world’s leader in intellectual gaming.  With innovative, fun approaches to traditional game formats like multiple-choice trivia, RivalMe lets its users win prizes, play with friends, compete with rival, power up school pride and learn while having fun.

For the latest news, photos and activities of RivalMe, please visit the following:
Official Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/RivalMe 
Official YouTube Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/RivalMeNow
Official Website: http://www.RivalMe.com

About RivalMe:
Founded by Dr. Steve Rotter, Sameer Gupta, David Peck and Andrew Bishop, RivalMe is a comprehensive, nationwide, gaming platform for college students and alumni, to earn the same kind of glory for their school that the NCAA athletes receive, while competing for cash prizes and scholarship funds.  Built with an AI (artificial intelligence) backbone, RivalMe intuitively learns the players’ tastes and challenges them according to their likes and level of play.  RivalMe LLC is based in Los Angeles, CA, with offices in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA.  For more info visit http://www.RivalMe.com

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