Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't add up does it?

What happened Monday in the world of Finance? 

Let's see...

European Crisis Weighs on Investor Sentiment  (Yahoo Finance)


US poverty at new high: 16 percent, or 49.1M (AP)


Why Home Prices are continuing to fall? (CNBC)


Dow UP +85 pts closing at 12,068

Oil UP $1.55 closing at $95.81/barrel

Dollar weakens vs Euro and Yen

Hmm, so what can we take from today's reality detachment?

1)  Our Market-Oil-Dollar corollary holds up Again

2)  This is nothing new; this detachment has been going on for years

3)  Investors/traders are scum but all the leaders of the globe are even worse trash for treating roaches and rodents as 'royalty' and catering All economic policy to the needs of money junkies.

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