Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goals in a Western Society- A Fictional Conversation

Goals in a Western Society: Fictional Conversation between young people & parents

Youth in blue font; Parents in black:

What path did you take to get to be where you are now?

Well first, there's college.. and more college- Masters, Doctorate...

College.. that's expensive though

Well, just take out student loans- never let college cost deter you

Um.. College.. ok..

Then work.. must work.. always be working.. Always!

Why so much working?

Because you're only attractive to other employers if employed.

Ah.. Work.. Work.. Work..  check.

Then you find someone.. date.. marry...

Date.. marry... um.. wait.. I must marry?

Of course.. everyone marries.. and Children come next

Children..slipped my mind- can't forget them

And there's the home- can't raise family without

Aren't homes expensive though?

Well, that's why you work n' work... and get a mortgage

Mortgage?  Even if I am working?

Of course.. 1st.. 2nd..  But it all gets paid ultimately.

Well.. um.. how is compiling debt good?

Builds your credit.. debt is a good thing to have.

So even if I have enough $, take out loans?

Of course- more loans, higher credit score.

Even if I owe more than I bring in?  That seems odd..

Just maintain minimum payments- Never ever miss one.

How will my debts get paid off then?

It all finds a way to work itself out.

Um.. Um.. Anything else?

Well a car is important- nice one, entertainment room.. maybe a pool

Whewww, Quite a list.. and all this will ensure I have happiness?



You asked what it would take to get to be where we are now--

Oh.. true.  So how do I find happiness?

Not a clue. Wish I could help... In the meantime did you mail out those college applications?

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