Thursday, December 27, 2012

Play or Pay: Reframing Magnetic Poetry "Put-Downs"

OK everyone, let's keep those neurons "young" and the neural connections growing by playing and learning. I got a "Magnetic Poetry" "Put-Downs" Kit as a gift on Christmas Day.

Rather than construct the snarky "Put-Downs," as designed, I decided instead to practice a bit of "reframing" as often outlined in the CBT playbook. So, I tried to conjure up positive phrases and affirmations from the original sardonic phrase-set offered. Below is my first attempt at a few "poetic thoughts" and inspiring affirmations. It's amazing how many hours one can spend  messing around with "Magnetic Poetry" on one's refrigerator/freezer door.

My photo here is a bit small. Among the word jazz  riffs I've cobbled together from the magnetic blocks so far are:

"initial misconceptions are when your thoughts probe nothing."

"how about ignoring whatever insignificant panic rises to work?"

"imagine the gene pool and young train of thought are circuses where you never grow up."

"out of chaos inflatable spinning disorder."

"set aside a special time to change your mind and personality."

"I will cherish myself and big ideas."

"a nice window but not enough."

Maybe not genius but Groovedelic for a few hours play.

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