Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Time For Drum Therapy - Afro-Cuban Style

Large Fish-Shaped Guiro - $12.

Large Wood Maracas -  $12.

White Wood Clave - $8.

 8-inch Combination Rhythm Sticks - $6.50.

8-inch Wood Tambourine, Headed, Single Row Jingles - $10.

Thanks to Amazon, I am now ready to engage in a bit of cheap drum therapy, Afro-Cuban style. I plan to play along with my Zydeco, Soul, Jazz, and Rock CDs. Also, if anyone should annoy me with an all-too public cell phone call in the bookstore, I'll pull out the fish-shaped guiro, and augment their conversation with rhythms. Drum Therapy web article:

Congas master Candido Camero "Manteca":

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