Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bruce McCorkindale Thor #132 Cover Re-Creation

For comparison, below is the original Jack Kirby/Vince Colletta cover art that sold at Heritage Auctions in 2010.

The Jack Kirby original sold for $35,850.00

Here's the catalog description I wrote for the piece:

Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta Thor #132 Thor vs. the Colonizers of Rigel Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1966).

Every die-hard Marvel art collector knows how scarce twice-up covers are. Feast your eyes on this masterpiece from the House of Ideas, offered in the marketplace for the first time ever, as the mighty Thor unleashes the full fury of his enchanted mallet Mjolnir on the sky-station of the Colonizers of Rigel. It's proof positive of why Jack Kirby ruled the Marvel Age of comics as the undisputed "King." This cover for "Where Gods May Fear to Tread" has an overall size of 13.5" x 20.5". The borders of the page have been trimmed to the image area, and it has retained all of its original stats and logos. The piece has been creased several times horizontally through its center; otherwise, the art is in Very Good condition

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