Friday, December 14, 2012


I would like you to make yourself comfortable... put your feet on the floor, rest your hands on your thighs... and half-close your eyes.

I would like you to be aware of your breathing... notice the shallow and uneven way you are breathing. I wonder if you can consciously make your breathing slower, and deeper?

So take a deep breath in, and let it out... you will notice that with each breath you take, your body is relaxing... inhale... exhale... take a deep breath, in and out. Let your body relax... and while you are breathing, you may notice that all the tension is going out of your body, and you are feeling more and more relaxed, comfortable, and at ease.

And as you continue to pay attention to your breathing... I would like you to imagine that you are hovering over an ocean. I would like you look down at the beautiful water... to look down at this vast boundless ocean... notice its color... pay attention to the emotions you feel when you look at it.

And as you continue to look at this ocean of stillness... allow your awareness to expand indefinitely... until it too becomes like a vast, deep ocean of calmness.

And I wonder if you can consciously allow this boundless ocean of calmness to expand even further. Knowing that every feeling thought and body sensation will allow you to go even deeper into a boundless and unlimited calmness. Knowing that every noise outside of this room, and inside of this room, will help you to relax even further.

Knowing that every noise is just a signal for you to relax.

Imagine that you at the very bottom of this vast, infinite ocean... and your every thought, feeling and body sensation drift on the surface... passing by unaware of your presence underneath.

And as you stay deep down, relaxed, you may become aware of how your body is comfortable and mind calm... how all the tension has gone... how your breathing becomes slower.

And in a few seconds time, I'm going to post another blog... but before I do, I'd like you to remember that you can bring back this feeling of relaxation any time you want. I would like you to know that these feelings of calmness and peace and love will stay with you for the rest of the day... and for all the days and nights that follow.

Every day, you will become more focused on whatever you are doing... consequently your memory will improve... allowing you to remember all the information you need to remember... so every day you will feel more confident... more confident about your knowledge... more confident about your ability to cope..........

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