Friday, July 27, 2012

PPMG in the news: Billy Zane Cast in Barabbas Miniseries

Billy Zane stars in Reelz Network mini series "Barabbas".

Reprint: First reported in Nikki Finke's
Billy Zane as been cast as the title character in the ReelzChannel’s four-part miniseries Barabbas. Based on the novel by Par Lagerkvist, the miniseries follows the life of Barabbas (Zane), a man who was jailed at the same time as Jesus Christ, but who was spared from crucifixion when the masses demanded his release over Jesus. The series picks up where the Bible left off. Zane is repped by Luber Roklin and Paradigm.

Reported in CinemaBlend:
Reelzchannel is often one of those institutions people think about in a specific relation to something else. I, for one, only tend to think about Reelzchannel when I am catching a movie preview in a hotel room. This was a common theme for me until May, when Reelzchannel announced it would be launching a new bout of original programming with three new orders. Now, one of these new projects is finally getting its cast together.

When Reelzchannel first announced its new programming initiative, one project caught my eye. In the works was Barabbas, a four-part mini series taking place just after Pontius Pilate and the crowd gathered to release Barabbas from execution before taking the life of Jesus Christ. While we likely won’t get a lot of biblical references throughout the series, Barabbas will take a look inside the life of the criminal in the days following the life-altering event, focusing on the redemptive qualities of getting a second chance.

Now, Deadline has gotten word that Billy Zane will join the cast of the new miniseries. The actor has not secured just any role in the mini series--he will actually take the lead role of Barabbas, which is probably a good call, since we’ve all seen the epic beard the actor can grow. Despite taking on a good number of roles over the past few years, Zane really has not had a moderate success on television since Samantha Who? left the air, and Barabbas may be just the ticket to get the actor back into the TV game.

Billy Zane has been cast as Biblican figure Barabbas in an upcoming ReelzChannel miniseries. The four-part series is based on Par Lagerkvist's 1950 Swedish novel that follows the life of Barabbas, a man who, according to the Christian gospel, was imprisoned alongside Jesus and sentenced to death but was released based on crowd demand. (The book was also made into a 1961 movie starring Anthony Quinn.) Well, if there's anyone whose face screams "contemporary of Christ," it's Billy Zane's.


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