Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Video: CNBC- "We All Live & Die by Central Banks"

Interesting video from CNBC... quite honest actually.

The host & guests acknowledge that the entire stock market is based on rumor, innuendo and the whim & will of central planners like the Fed.  They also admit the US economy is pretty much stuck in mud, if not for the intervention it would be much worse...

But since CNBC is aimed specifically at Investors, this is what's called talking 'shop' or "inside baseball".  If CNBC's programmin was aimed at everyday people, none of information in this 4 min video would be uttered by any of the guests because it would be too dangerous..

People seem to need to believe our economy is doing well, that we're still a sovereign nation and that we live in a capitalistic society which drives how markets react and behave.

Video is 4min long  (to mute music, click at very bottom left of the page)

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