Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Necessito Pero Necessito (I Don't Need But I Do)

Just thought this was funny..and predictable..

Prime minister says Spain doesn't need bailout (MSNBC) 4/13/12

Spain doesn't need bailout: IMF (AP) 4/20/12

Spain Rules Out Bailout (Bloomberg) 4/27/12

And yesterday:

Spain’s People's Party Says Bailout Not Needed (BusinessWeek) 6/4/12

And then today 6/5/12:

Spain Pleads For A Bailout (Atlanticwire) -- 6hrs ago

Funny.. Predictible.. Pathetic..
~ Wondering which represents Spain: Bullfighter or Bull?

Well, a bailout should fix all Spain's ills, right?.. No worries amigo

Spain 'technically impossible to bailout' -- "Spanish Budget Minister Cristobal Montoro said it was technically impossible to rescue the debt-laden economy, the fourth largest in the eurozone." (AP)

Qué diablos!!

I guess this means one thing:

There isn't a Better time than Now to Buy more Stocks!
Dear readers, you do know we were joking on that, yes?

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