Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Investors in Pictures

We write about Investors...

Write & write and write..

Sometimes pictures illustrate reality better.  So today the market finished at +285 or thereabouts as filth in designer suits await "Bastard" Ben Bernanke to dump more money into the market to ensure vultures get more dead meat.

Here's how today played out in pictures:
 These are Investors.  They are scurrying about and pushing the Dow up on the expectation that globs of globs of free 'food' or money will be tossed down to the trading 'floor' where other rats called traders tend to congregate.

Investors like these mangy dogs here, gobble up all the refuse slop on the plate once the 'food' or money is provided to them.  When the plate is clean and the mutts have licked off every last bit of goop, and their bellies are no longer full, they will bark loudly for more.

Investors, like the vulture pictured here does not have the burden of conscience.  There's no morality/ethics dilemma involved-- its prosper & flourish at all costs, and make sure the bones of the victim are perfectly picked off dry in the process

Investors, like hyenas are scary, mindless beasts.  They will tear you to pieces in a second, and rip into you even more ferociously if you specifically are denying their feeding.  Investors feed on profit.  They don't want risk.. don't want uncertainty.  Just a daily, never-ending stream of money.

The boy playing with the rat would be the Federal Reserve Chair.  He loves rats. He sees them as a vital cog to the function and flow of the economy.   Not only that, its part of the job description to cater to them.  The Fed Chair works for the banks which is why 100% of all decisions and actions benefit banks only  And of course Investors...

Investors like rats have no loyalty to anything or anyone.. not corporations, countries or communities.  This makes it quite easy to jump off sinking ships (or nations) without ever turning back to look at the mess they left behind.

This is a pile of guano, otherwise known as bat shit.  Bats, horrible little beasts in their own right, are tolerated in some societies because the guano can be used as fertilizer and was a key component in the creation of gunpowder.

Politicians tolerate and cater to Investors because without their $$ fueled by speculative greed, most Western nations' economy would come to an immediate halt since practically every nation spends more than it takes in tax revenue.  Thus Investors are 100% treated like royalty.

Hopefully tomorrow, the Fed's announcement will be a severe disappointment resulting in a -300pt or more market drop and in good time, Investors will look like this hyena-- starved, exhausted and ready to drop over and die.

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