Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyone must profit

Everyone Must Profit...   Profit.. Profit.. Proft...

No matter how bad the economy.. no matter how far the market drops..

Must be Buying.. Must be Investing.. Must make $$ work..

Profit.. Profit. Profit..

People Must make money and others Must write how to..

For "fun" and boredom sake, I keyworded the phrase "How to profit" on Google news. These are only a sampling of my findings, all posted within last couple days:

How To Profit off a Falling VIX (Volatility Index) -- CNBC

How To Profit From Gold's Historic Bull Run -- The Market Oracle

How To Profit In A Volatile Market -- Inside Futures

How To Profit Amid the Pain in Spain -- GuruFocus

How To Profit From Market Fear -- Forbes

How to Profit From the Market Volatility -- SeekingAlpha

~ When the Big Crash occurs.. and it Will occur, many many people will lose quite a bit of their life savings.  And these fucks will not feel any of your financial pain.  They will just keep telling you how to profit...

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