Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Psychological Pathology of an Investor

Investors are psychopaths and sociopaths.

Non violent ones perhaps, but psychopaths and sociopaths nonetheless.

Normal people think about others even in some small degree; how their decisions or actions may affect other people, particularly adversely.  They take some consideration to the community, state, nation or the globe itself in making choices that could cause harm to others.

The Investor doesn't.   He/she only thinks profit.   The goal is every single day to be making money off money; to go to bed with more wealth than what was possessed when waking up.  It is the investor's sole reason for existing.  He or she can be a millionaire... a billionaire.. and the goal never changes- keep investing.
A normal person has fear; a healthy dose of reservation and hindrance in putting their life savings into a rigged game such as the stock market.  The Investor is oblivious-  it survives and thrives on the fear of others.  The Investor is a ravenous animal.

The Investor Must be Investing.. Always!  He or she must be playing the market... if not stocks then bonds... if not bonds then treasuries.. if not treasuries, then currencies or foreign markets' stocks and bonds or derivatives..  The Investor never ever stops.   When the market goes up, it must continue.  When the market goes down, its a buying opportunity.  And when the market crashes, the Investor goes all-in.

They are the kings and queens; the royalty of the world.

Nations manipulate currencies for them and protect investors from ever taking any financial losses, placing the huge losses upon their populaces if need be, sometimes guaranteeing 100 cents on the dollar in the process-- all done to serve the exalted Investor class.

Political leaders court them; consult them; wine and dine them- enact public policy to ensure Investors are benefited while of course accepting legal and illegal campaign contributions for job well done.  The media treats Investors like oracles and sages and tailors its newspapers, magazines and TV networks to giving them nonstop information. And to the simple minded masses, investors are to be admired, idolized and looked upon as role models.

Investors only know two words in their lexicon:  "Buy" and "Hold".   The word 'sell' does not exist, and to suggest to an Investor that he/she stay out of the market when turbulent is akin to suggesting to a fish it learn to fly.   The more turbulent and risky, the more the Investor Must dive in and seek to expand the portfolio.

Investors are addicts.  Investors are soulless.   They create Nothing.

Investors feed off global economies like barnacles;  like parasites...

Like cancer.

And they are the reason the global economy is spiraling out of control.

~ CNBC's Jim Cramer- the ultimate example of a parasite Investor

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