Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Give a junkie a 'score' & he'll want more...

This posting is a brief re-emphasis of points clearly made last week- that Investors and traders are the equivalent of drug addicts and junkies except whereas the government does everything possible to clamp down and incarcerate coke & crackheads, the government in the case of money junkies do everything humanly possible to provide more financial 'drugs'.

In fact the investor is so important, that governments will push harsh austerity- higher taxes, less social services and privatization i.e. selling of national resources like airports and lottery just to insure an investor is protected 100 cents on the dollar on their investments.

Today the market finished at 11,559 (+20) - was an up and down day.

But really that's not important.. this news article kinda says it all...

Stocks Extend Gains on Hopes for More Economic Stimulus (AP) -- "The mere discussion of more economic stimulus from the Federal Reserve was enough to send stocks higher Tuesday."

The #1 cause of the global recession being so wide-ranging and cavernous is Investors seeking profit and that every nation caters and conforms to their needs like they were royalty.  And you can not understand how deep and far-reaching the destruction of the global economy is until you fully understand the psychological behavioral pathology of the Investor.

To read in depth, you can click on link below, which takes you to a posting written last week:


Until you start getting leaders both here in the US and abroad to actually give a shit about their countrymen and women, and put them on a higher level of importance than investors, nothing will improve for the bottom 98% of nations' populations.

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