Thursday, August 11, 2011

Economic Munchausen's by proxy

Earlier this week, we Accurately stated that Wall St suffers from Munchausen's Syndrome, where essentially it makes itself purposely ill (steep stock declines or rapid ups & downs) in order to provoke attention or remedies (QE) it would not normally receive otherwise.  

Judging by some of the news headlines this afternoon, it seems its not simply Wall St. having Munchausen's but they've successfully manipulated the populace i.e. by proxy.   The best example I can give is when a mentally disturbed parent purposely makes their child extremely ill to get attention, then as the child is getting better, the parent provides "medication" that in fact makes the child sicker.  But since the child knows no better, he/she eagerly awaits her next dose though its killing him/her in the process.

This is America when its people are being destroyed systematically by Wall St and its receipt of bailouts and QE yet taking Wall St's side in the argument that they need more for the nation to recover.

Here are some headlines from today...

Another Round of Bailouts? (NY Times) -- "The clamor for bailouts of various kinds grows ever louder around the world. Influential voices call for "leadership" from the United States and Western Europe, and for policy makers in those countries to "get ahead of the curve." This is all code for a simple and familiar plea: Do something that will protect investors, particularly creditors who have lent a lot of money to banks and countries that now appear to be in serious difficulty."

It reminds me of Jan of the Brady Bunch-- 'It's always investors, investors, investors!  Fuck them!!'..  Well, OK you got me.. I added the last part.  But trust me, when she said 'Marsha, Marsha', she thought it.. but I digress...  Here's another headline...

Could QE3 Help the Economy?  (US News) -- "While this might be welcome news for jittery investors clamoring for Fed intervention to help boost market confidence, experts caution that another round of quantitative easing wouldn't be a panacea for the ailing U.S. economy. Some critics say it would likely amount to just another Band-Aid on the economy's skinned knees."

At least this article was somewhat honest- it never says QE3 would.. it just poses the question while reaffirming it would help investors.   But the article has a broader purpose when added up with other articles in other papers, and TV pundits banging the drum-- prepare Americans for more of their financial wealth to be gutted to the investor class while convincing the most frightened and dim-witted that its a good thing for their benefit.

Psst, if you haven't figured out by now... We the People are that 'boy' in photo

It used to be a nation's enemies live in distant lands, sometimes with different languages and customs.  And when they invaded with the purpose of decimating you, at least you could identify them by their flag, banner or military attire.   Now, all the treachery is done from within.  Americans savagely destroying other Americans.. all from a safe, sanitary distance.  A few clicks of a computer.. a Congressional passage here, an Executive signature there.. The kind of thing that would have made Gen. Sherman envious- save him and his men the trouble of a march through Georgia.  Simply demoralize, plunder and devastate from the comfort of an office.

Most Americans, like most people around the world are clueless.  So they express rage with harmless protests, speeches and petitions.  Some get violent but usually its focused on their own communities, choosing to steal some TV sets and track suits from local vendors instead of concentrating their ire at the localities and targets which should be the recipient of rage.  

But in a Munchausen by proxy world, you don't attack the hand that feeds and kills you.
PS Today's market summary...

"Hello.. Yess.. It went up 423pts did it... Uh-huh.. I see.. I made how much?.. Ah.. yes.. Well done.. you've earned yourself another quarter my good man.. don't go spending it all at the confectionary shoppe"

The markets went up over 400pts based on nothing..  Slept right through it, to be honest.  Deeply Boring..  Here was the rational though, for those who care:  "First-time (jobless) claims fell below 400,000 last week for the first time in four months, a positive sign for the job market, gave investors a reason to test the market for stocks and currencies that traders consider riskier than the dollar."  (AP)

You do know that reasoning is complete BS right?  Just testing you.. of course you knew..  First, soulless cockroach investors were going to "buy on the dip" today even if new jobless claims were at 4 million-  Think of real roaches-- no matter how much Raid you spray, they're coming out again at the first signal of food in the trash.

Second, let's say for argument sake, the official claims number for last week was 375,000.  This is NEW unemployed-- in other words.. men and women who had jobs; a consistent paycheck coming in prior to last week and now poof.. they are not.  These people are not going to find new jobs for a long time.  This is a deeply sad situation, not one to be 'celebrating' as Wall St supposedly did today.. But you knew Wall St doesn't give a Fuck about you right??  Just testing again.. of course you knew.

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