Thursday, August 18, 2011

A nice Market drop & bleating Sheep

Sheep 1:  Baaah..  Stocks are plunging.. what should we do?
Sheep 2:  Baa Baa..  Everyone says to hold and ride it out
Sheep 1:  Baaa Baaaa.. Yes, they know more than me
Sheep 3:  Bah Baaah.. Whatever you two do, I will do
Sheep 2:  Baa  Baaaaa..  CNBC will tell us what to do with our $$$

Right now as of 3:40p, the Dow is down close to 500 pts and unless it makes a miraculous comeback which is always possible in a manipulated market, its going to be a bad trading day for many.

Which for A&G, we proudly say Good!  Well-Deserved...

Our motto when it comes to investors and traders is this:  "Hope a lot of you lost a lot of money today"  We say this because they do not give a damn about how their actions affect the overall economy, just like corporations do not care about anything or anyone but profit-taking and shareholders.

You should NOT be invested in the market unless you are greedy, foolish and/or a follower sheep. And if you think you are somehow protected or blessed from losing your wealth in that rigged game, guess again...

Part of the overall comedy of days like today for us, is watching financial news and reading their articles to see how passionate and desperate they are to spin something terrible into a positive; specifically a Buying opportunity.

Here's some headlines from today:

Investors Remain Calm Despite Volatile Markets (MarketWatch) -- "Financial advisers tell Dow Jones Newswires that most clients are not in panic mode...

Investors turn Bullish as Market Crumbles (TheStreet) -- "The S&P 500 appears to be firmly in the jaws of bears, but data actually show that U.S. investors are slowly turning bullish on equities again."

European Bank Fears Slam U.S. Market: Don’t Hit Panic Button Says Strategist (Yahoo! Financial)

Is This Lehman All Over Again?  No..  (CNBC) -- "History has proven these are not the days that you want to be selling on."

Sociopathic fuckers... Yep, just keep Holding & Buying..


We LOVE days like today- they need to be taking place because to put it bluntly, for three years, the Wall St/financial sector is the only one who could claim a 'recovery' with a straight face since they were recipients of all the trillions spent, so its about time they get pulled down and take their losses too.

Unfortunately its hard to enjoy massive market drops like this for long because, A) Every soulless cockroach investor treats it as a buying opportunity then markets spike up 80-120% by the next trading day like last week,  B) People get panicked and cowardly, and put pressure on Government to throw more money at the problem which is a waste of financial resources, especially when no government anywhere around the globe passed any law to curtail the markets or punish wrongdoers.

If it takes government spending trillions so an individual's thousands are protected, that's really all that matters to a selfish 401k or amateur investor.  And to a professional, the intervention is not only expected but demanded, like little piggies awaiting their next round of slop.

If America was a patient in a hospital, the US would be ravaged with illness; full of toxins and so far Dr. Fed & DR. Treasury have prescribed financial 'medicine' that has not only done nothing to cure the ill, but has prevented the toxins from escaping.  The patient needs to be allowed to vomit out or purge itself of the toxins  i.e.  hard market drop & restructure or forgiveness of debt that Severely punish bondholders on national debt.  Then different 'medicine' needs to be tried such as economic stimulus that solely targets Main St, specifically in areas of home price stabilization and job growth.

The sooner the market drops down to a level that is accurately reflecting the overall US economy the better.  And with any luck, it will then meander until the Actual economy improves, then rise accordingly.

I finish this posting with a real asshole-like quote from one of the talking meatsticks on CNBC to understand really how smug and vile these investors and financial media outlets are:

"People have to be investing in Something..."

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