Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video Repost: BBC Interview- Global Crisis in full Candor

This is a repost of the video from 2 days ago.  I really felt the honesty and candor (as well as arrogance and smugness) of the interviewee was important for people to see, who haven't watched already..  and because other postings tend to get pushed down when new information is written, I wanted to give readers another opportunity to view this...

Scroll down to mute the audio player on far right, then scroll back up to play video.

They say a picture a worth 1,000 words.  And sometimes a 3 minute video is better than a thousand blog postings.

If you want to Truly understand where the global economy is at this moment-- how Awful things sincerely ar, the need to Wake Up and start preparing for it and to hear it from a first-hand perspective of a trader, watch the above video.   The interview is conducted by the BBC and the level of honesty and candor in which the interviewee answers questions leaves the interview literally in shock.

Side note: Notice at the very end how the news anchors try to minimize and diminish everything he says by indicating its not worth worrying about.  Media never respects its audience.

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