Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Liz Marie

The light colours are compensated by the stunning accessories, it lends the whole outfit a touch of bling. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Vintage styling made its way into lingerie for the season. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Who says black is out of fashion? Liz looks enticing in this hot black bikini. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
If you're looking to go bold and trendy, bright colours are always a good buy. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
The playful bikini top in black gives that extra spark to your look. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
This season's vintage and retro-inspired cuts and patterns pay homage to the swimmingly stylish swimsuits. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Beautiful skin is in, so let your skin face the scorching heat with some style. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Getting ready for the hot weather? Dark colours are huge this season. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
The current incarnations in fashion are svelte, sexy and thoroughly sophisticated. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
It's time to give your wardrobe a makeover with some soft and soothing colours. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Add some excitement to your outfit with a halter neck top. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Always choose rich colours to add some sophisticated flavour to an evening dress. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
What's old is new and what's out is actually in! Vintage styles from the past decades have made a massive comeback. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
If your style is more urban then go for a dark colour tee. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
Beautiful skin is all set to sizzle this season. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')
The plunging neckline and halter neck adds to the sensuality of the outfit. (Source : 'www.inegamodels.com')

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