Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Beach babe; you can add some wild flowers as your accessories to make your regular beach wear look more trendy. (Source : '')
Make a bold statement with tantalizing body language which can cause many sleepless nights. (Source : '')
Off-shoulder dress which can reveal perfectly toned body is essential for your wardrobe. (Source : '')
Not letting any opportunity slip from your hand like quick sand, is the key to the successful life. (Source : '
One must go for a Polo neck outfit teamed along with a jacket for chilly winter season. (Source : '')
No matter what your skin tone is, this perfect blend of black and gray can never go wrong. (Source : '')
Showcase your girly side by wearing this frilly, yellow top and printed skirt with thick belt to emphasize on your slim waist. (Source : '')
Going wild; every once in awhile you must do what your heart says.. even if it is jumping in your evening gown! (Source : '')
Naturally glowing skin is the major factor in any beauty majors, so taking well care of it is must for everyone. (Source : '')
For your summer ready legs, this knee-length sleeve-less dress is perfect. (Source : '')
Side partition works better on a oval face and to complete your summer look, go for the shades in brown to make the features more prominent. (Source : '')
Gorgeous gray or blue are the colours for this winter, so invest in them when changing your wardrobe. (Source : '')
Shying away from the shutterbug is not that easy when you have a face worth million bucks. (Source : '')
Go natural with just a tinge of an eye shadow to make those beautiful eyes more spectacular. (Source : '')
With terrific vital stats like this, you can opt for any outfit and look stunning in it. (Source : '')
Want to try something different; paint your eye brows in thick black to give your face the much needed transformation. (Source : '')
Going for the right material for the season is most important as well as the clothing style. (Source : '')
To create the right amount of magic to your otherwise boring assemble go for multiple layers of beaded necklace... and it's done!! (Source : '')

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