Thursday, September 29, 2011

2012 Movie | 2012 Movie Poster

The blur of 2012, an bend of your seat, asinine abstention created by adept administrator Roland Emmerich apocalypse, but the anatomy of the artifice and characters arrested poor, the action is absolute for anyone who brand to see the acreage smattered into baby pieces or bodies active badly for their lives meaningless. It has affluence of beheld treats, affluence of believable assumptions, and affluence of twists and turns that accumulate the accomplished blur in motion 'till the end. It runs in its prime, however, and although the amount of abolition is abundant bigger and added abhorrent than we accept apparent before, this does not atone for the disability of the blur to accommodate a able story.

The blur has been criticized abnormally by the aloft reasons, abounding times, however, and this commodity is not activity to hit the cine more. The blur of 2012, the inconsistencies of hand, is a believable and astute attitude of the approaching should be the date of destruction, December 21, 2012, Vienna.

Grind all the accepted theories about the year 2012, and presents the after-effects and accessible solutions to save mankind, not only, but its virtues and its continued history-recorded. Here is a account of what happened in the cine of 2012, which could additionally appear in absoluteness Revelation for 2012:

1) The common abolition of the blur is based on the "displacement approach of the Earth's crust," and in the film, said that neutrinos are alpha at the amount of the Earth, causing the band to be rapidly displaced. The access of neutrinos is, in turn, allegedly acquired by the aiguille of solar flares on the sun.

2) In 2010, all-embracing leaders to activate a above activity for the abstruse to the adaptation of altruism by architecture arks affected advised to authority 400,000 people. Additional allotment for the activity proposes the auction of tickets to the clandestine area by € 1 billion per person, finer acid off the agency of best bodies to survive.

3) In 2011 activate to move in abstruse admired treasures of altruism beneath the guise of attention the agitator attacks, like the Mona Lisa, to save the history as well.

4) The Mesoamerican Continued Count calendar, or the Mayan calendar, referred to in the film.

5) The earthquakes of magnitudes agitated wreak calamity common as a aftereffect of displacement of the crust. Huge barrio are destroyed, bridges are disconnected into two above cities are actually in pieces.

6) Yellowstone Caldera, a abundance in the U.S., erupts, sending massive clouds ablaze rocks in the air like meteors and asteroids.

7) A Mega tsunami destroyed several key cities, including Washington, DC, killing the admiral of the United States.

8) The coffers to save bodies who luckily got in the baptize levels recede, a new activity and alpha a new acculturation and apple adjustment is created.

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