Wednesday, September 28, 2011

KRK's take on celebs!

Known to make relentless scathing comments on various celebrities without batting his eyelids, KRK has now taken a big-time panga with none other than Shah Rukh Khan. (BCCL)
Kamaal, who has been taking potshots through his tweets at SRK's item number Chammak Challo, rendered by Akon, says: "Just because it has been sung by Akon in Shah Rukh Khan's RA-One, doesn't make it a great song, despite all the hype created around it."
"But then, it's my personal view, although now I'm noticing quite a few people playing this song. Well, to each it's own!" (BCCL)
If the rising popularity of 'Chammak Challo' redeems the song in KRK's eyes, he just can't get over Shah Rukh Khan's steps in the song.
"Everybody knows that Shah Rukh Khan is a bad dancer, but in Chammak Challo, his steps are the worst till date! He looks so awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder, what made him do that at this age," says KRK with a hearty laugh. (BCCL)
A few days back, self-proclaimed billionaire Kamaal Rashid Khan of 'Bigg Boss' fame, had expressed his desire to see newlywed socialite Kim Kardiashain's famous derriere up-close.
"I just want to see your bums from near. (sic)" The former reality show contestant made this comment after Kim posted on her Twitter page that she would be visiting Dubai in October.
She wrote, "Eid Mubarak to my friends across the world.I can't wait to see you at Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai in October!"  (AP)
KRK posted on a micro blogging website that he would meet the socialite and reality TV star in Dubai. He wrote, "@KimKardashian Hey darling I shall meet you in dubai." (Agencies)
On the other hand, KKR recently commented on Poonam Pandey's striptease on Twitter.
He posted: "You Twitter bloody crap idiot. How dare you to ask me to Follow most dirty lady on planet Poonam Pandey? May be Poonam is doing all this to go to Bigg Boss 5, but they will never take her and if they will take her then I shall not go to Bigg Boss 5."
"Poonam Pandey was having 10k followers and now having 25k. So I can imagine the choice of people here. Chullu bhar pani main doob maro."
"I have seen Poonam's ass on Twitter and let me tell you truth I have never ever seen so dirty ass. I shall kill myself before to touch it. Please people don't compare Rakhi Sawant with Poonam Pandey. Rakhi gives controversial statements but she doesn't show her ass and b**bs."
"I shall be happy for those who would like to see ass of Kim, Mallika, Katrina and Sonakshi. At least they have best ass so keep the class."  (BCCL)
"Once more good morning and kick on the ass of Poonam Pandey. I hate small and dirty asses and she is having really small and dirty one," wrote KRK. (BCCL)

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