Saturday, March 31, 2012

Faux outrage

We thought we wouldn't write anymore on this 'Trayvon' thing, especially since we're a finance blog by choice, but after being bombarded by silly hyperbole by pretend 'leaders', childish hoodie protests, evil, soulless celebrities posting personal home addresses of the alleged assailant and his parents on Twitter, and overall sensationalism of a news event that that has lived a life far longer than it deserves, we feel we must comment again...

Most agree with us that the whole Trayvon Martin rage is manufactured and contrived; whipped up into a frenzy by black activist leaders who do not represent their community as much as they wish to believe.

Most of our readers also agree that there's political motivations as well-- to galvanize the black community that has been largely ignored and taken for granted by Obama,  into an emotional lather so that they will be motivated to vote in masse in November for the President (96% voted in lockstep back in 2008).

Whatever it takes, right Mr President?

Of course some disagree with A&G on this as well which is OK.. we respect all opinions on this subject.

People tragically and needlessly are killed every day by firearms..  Adults.. the elderly.. children..   Every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender have been senselessly murdered at the hands of another.  Sometimes its been specifically because of one's background.   Sometimes there's no connection whatsoever.
We came across this story this morning from Miami care of AP:

"Fourteen people were shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history. Police believe the shooting was gang related.  The shooting took place around 9 p.m. Friday night outside (a) funeral home. One person died on the scene while another died at the hospital.

"A 5-year-old girl was shot in the leg and hospitalized... along with eleven other victims. The girl is listed in stable condition... The shooting took place during a wake for 22-year-old Marvin Andre who died about two weeks ago while trying to evade police..."

We guarantee that the Triad of Racial Division Peddlers- opportunist Rev. Jesse Jackson, slimy Rev. Al Sharpton and hate-filled kook Louis Farrakhan will not utter a single word on this publicly or privately. Doesn't even matter that a small child was shot..

Yes, We Guarantee it.


1)  The victims of the violent crime were black but the assailants responsible were black as well.   Hard to milk something for maximum PR when there's no Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or religious minority to blame

2)  It was gang related.  Those 3 morally bankrupt men rarely if ever speak out on gang violence.

Hopefully this story will fade away in another week.  Some other piece of faux-news or mindless fluff to take its place to distract people from a reality that very few wish to acknowledge-- that the real world economy of the bottom 99% is getting worse, not better.  And all the trillions upon trillions spent to keep everything afloat and the bankers wealthy, will have to be re-paid at some point.

And the austerity will be needlessly painful.

But who cares about all that or anything else germane to day-to-day economic survival, as long as the alleged shooter of Trayvon gets lynch-mob 'justice', yes?

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