Monday, March 19, 2012

How much can you earn working at CVS?

Been a bit of a slow news day so we thought it would be fun to see how much one can earn if working at CVS Pharmacy.  We could have chosen any company to do this exercise but since there happens to be a CVS weekly circular within eye-distance, we figured, why not pick them...

So how much can you make at CVS?   As with any company, it depends on your position, education, etc..  Salaries are provided on average for hourly work and yearly (in parenthesis) based on 40hr wk for 52 weeks:

Cashier - $8.36/hr  ($17,388/yr)

Pharmacy Technician -  $9.96/hr  ($20,716/yr)

Shift Supervisor B - $11.12/hr  ($23,129/yr)

Shift Supervisor A - $12.36/hr  ($25,708/yr)

Assistant Manager  - $20.79/hr  ($43,257/yr)

Store Manager  - $25.55/hr  ($53,148/yr)

Pharmacist -  $51.58/hr  ( $107,286/yr)

Wowwie!  Guess it really pays to know your drugs

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