Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday-- Brief & To the Point

Unlike most blogs, we at A&G pride ourselves on not writing for the sake of it.. If/when there's nothing newsworthy or genuinely interesting to cover and/or analyze, we won't force things by dredging up the same stale topics.

Unlike some, we don't get paid by the posting nor the word-count.

Today was an unexceptional day-- market goes up on nothing real, labor statistics once again manipulated to show a non-existent "recovery"...

Then there's a certain nation in the Mediterranean beginning with 'G" governed by worthless worms corrupt to the core and a cowardly populace who seems to enjoy taking it up the "yingyang", (our cutesy attempt to say 'up the ass'),    We assume that's why the term "Greek" is used to express enjoying intimacy with your partner in that manner.

Quite fitting...  But we digress..

We've recently made a pledge, both to ourselves and to you the reader, that we will not waste anymore time covering that nothing of a nation unless there is something Truly newsworthy which will affect readers, rather than cover what amounts to a third-rate soap opera full of contrived manipulation.

So with that, we wish all readers a joyous, happy weekend...

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