Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Markets cheer; people cry (if they knew any better)

* Market Trader: "Oh Bernanke, I love you so much... you da' man!

From around 1p till bell close, the market spiked over 200pts..


Well the Fed released its official minutes and the rats & other filth liked it..

No interest rate climb till 2015 at Least!

That's at least 3 more years of very low interest for banks to borrow money from Fed to swap the collective Trillions in toxic debt its holding on its books for cash...

At least 3 more years of encouraging speculation in the market and expansion of another asset bubble to replace the housing bubble, which replaced etc..etc..

At least 3 more years of the Fed spending money like there's no tomorrow everytime there's a correction in the market.  They want Dow 20,000 and they will spend us all into Hell to get it...

At least 3 more years of people being enticed to borrow and borrow beyond their means in the hope they can or can't pay it back-- doesn't matter either way to the Fed.  An individual can go fuck themselves as far as the US government is concerned

At least 3 more years of getting one tenth to one hundredth of 1 percent back in interest from the bank for the thousands upon thousands of dollars you are Foolishly allowing banks to hold for you.  Fed hopes you put your money in the market.   A smart person keeps it in a coffee can-  deprive banks of fractional reserve 10x lending.

Quite a stupid populace... so many ways to demonstrate legal, lawful civil disobedience against this present financial system and yet so few people have the heart, brains or will to take any action.
~ "Market is stronger than ever.. USA!  USA!  USA!"

Get your money out of the banks.. Get your money out of the market... Don't buy expensive frivolousness or get yourself into needless debt...

Deprive this system legally of its lifeblood-- your money.

And if you don't have money, just hope & pray the market Crashes because as bad as you have been told it will be when it does, your life will be Far Far worse if the stock market continues going up...

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