Thursday, January 26, 2012

In a Perfect World- political primaries

The other day I wrote a post entitled "In a Perfect World- State of the Union" where I laid out the type of speech I would have given if President specific to curtailing and controlling Wall Street so they knew who was Truly boss...

So I thought I would continue that theme though take a step back from the first-person 'What I would I' and instead reflect on how the current political landscape for the 2012 would be in a perfect world...

1)  There would be at least 1 Republican candidate running for President with morals, ethics and decency who actually kept their word to some degree.  Recently a poll found 33% of registered Republicans wish there was different candidate than the four left before them.. Couldn't agree more.

Here are the 4 candidates in brief:

Mitt Romney- Obscenely filthy rich (made his money by buying companies, firing the workers then breaking up to smaller pieces to turn into great profit) yet only paid 15% taxes last year, has millions in offshore accounts in the Caymans, is the true inspiration for Obamacare which is not a good thing if courting conservative votes, and is a Mormon; a cult religion that believes all black people are descendants of Lucifer, among other absurdities.

Newt Gingrich - Numerous ethics violations as House Speaker which forced him to resign, had numerous marital indiscretions including an affair with a student while he was a Professor whom he later married and is still currently with, was given a $500k credit at Cartier with zero percent interest on repayment- something no 'regular' customer received, and received over $1 million as a "consultant" for Freddie/Fannie Mae.
Rick Santorum - Basically, the Tea Party's "bitch"-- completely bought and paid for by the ultra-conservative Koch Bros who believe essentially government should not tax corporations or impose any regulations- just simply step back and allow them to make as much profit as humanly possible

Ron Paul-  Talks a good game but is really full of shit.  He has served in the US Congress for over 18years and in spite of all his anti-Fed rhetoric has never Once proposed legislation to end or at least curb the power of the Fed.  Not once.  He also supports legalization of all drugs-- not just pot but hard substances like cocaine and heroin, wants a minimalist government without any regulations, and pushes forth an unrealistic Isolationist foreign policy where every nation who is our ally is to fend for themselves economically and militarily. He likes pointing out for instance that Israel receives US $3 billlion/yr in foreign aid yet conveniently forgets that the US gives an Exact equal amount to Egypt as part of the 1978 Camp David Accord, as well as provides financial aid to at least 2 dozen other nations.

So in a perfect world there would be at least one truly good person running on the Republican side who wasn't corrupt, immoral, didn't believe in cults or was an outright charlatan.
2) Equally desirable, in a perfect world there would be a REAL Democrat running in the primaries vs Obama that either forced the President to confront 3 years of being an outright Liar to his constituents; the millions upon millions of loyal Democrats who believed his 'hope' and 'change' con.    Someone to push.. prod... outright Force Obama to truly care about the middle and lower classes instead of continual lip service.

The candidate--someone like Sen. Bernie Sanders or Rep Dennis Kucinich, may not beat Obama for nomination but would eviscerate him for wasting the first year of office while Democrats controlled Congress, on his vanity project, Obamacare instead of a job creation bill or FDR-like recovery stimulus program.  Obama would be held feet to the fire for his catering and back-bending to Wall St, allowing the Fed to spend Trillions simply to prop up the market on the backs of future generations,  Guantanamo still being open, capitulating to the Republicans on extending the Bush tax cuts, on and on...
~ 2008 Obama or President Contribution list

The 2012 election as it stands today is a pretty Depressing sight.

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