Monday, January 23, 2012

King Rat

Market ended today -10 pts..  yawn..   Big Deal...

Would have preferred seeing an '8' or '9' before that '10', but its ok.. we're patient.   Sincerely can't wait to turn on CNBC when the market does drop 800pts.  though we still believe they would tell their viewers to 'buy' or 'hold' rather than admit things were bad.

Now even though for the most part, we don't post during weekends, we're still quite active here at A&G, reading and listening to an array of information from a wider array of sources.  And among the psychobabble and pollyanna optimism, one quote in particular from one professional rat Investor stuck in the mind (or rather, stuck in the craw):

"Never let reality get in the way of making money."

What did he mean?  A few things actually.  First, that no matter how bad the economic news coming from Europe or Asia or even the good ole USA, if stock prices are going up, does it really matter?  And if the rats to the left & right are ignoring, you do so as well.  He also meant that ultimately it really doesn't matter to a professional Investor if a nation is crumbling or its populace is suffering.

Profit- nothing else matters.  Fear is a money-making opportunity.

Let's take the situation with Iran as an example.   Today, the European Union with immense US pressure behind it, banned the purchase of Iranian oil which caused Iran to threaten to retaliate by closing the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of the world's crude is transported.
Let's put aside politics and the 'right-wrong' argument to look at this through the eyes of a sociopathic Investor rat or floor trader.  He/she is salivating at the thought of rising tensions.   Lickin' them chops at the profit to be made on investment of crude oil.  Just based on today's news alone, oil went up $1.53 to close at $99.86.

So let's say a professional investor has just invested $100k into oil based on that price.   What do you think he/she wants-  tensions to be soothed n' smoothed?   The price of oil to go down??

Doesn't matter to an investor that closing the Strait will cause gas prices to spike to possibly $5/gal or more, especially if the action is prolonged.  Doesn't matter that food prices will spike as well and that could lead to civil unrest in some nations, like in Egypt and Tunisia last year.  Just means a good time to invest in corn, wheat and other edible commodities.  Doesn't matter that a dramatic increase in the price of oil would cripple the global economy and hundreds of millions, if not billions of people would be hurt..

Nope. To an investor, its a single minded focus--  Buy today at $99.86 and hope it spikes to $150 or $200/barrel so they reap enormous profit for their sole benefit.

When you turn on financial news or hear someone extremely wealthy who made their money through investing, you should not have any admiration or respect for such vermin. Soft words and expensive threads doesn't cloak who they are--  rats.  Honestly--  you're heart should be filled with hate toward such 'things'.  For they, more than banks, financials and even corrupt politicians, are the cause of many of the problems we still are facing today.
Doesn't matter the background-  black, white, hispanic, asian... Christian or Athiest.. global investors are simply rats.   And they, the rat Investors are the "royalty". All nations, financials and corporations- in debt far beyond reasonable means of repayment and Desperate for new injections of money.. they all bow and pay homage.

This is the reality of things in the modern world.

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