Friday, January 27, 2012

1-27-12 News of Day: 25 Words or less

Been a good month for the market... everyone Happy Happy...  all the Investing boys n' girls going to bed every night, dreaming lovely happy dreams as to how they will spend All that undeserved money while ignoring the decaying environment around them..  Shhh...  don't wake them... they need their rest.  Taking money from others is exhausting, don't you know..

Anyways, as the weekend approaches, we turn to a super-fun segment where we comment on news headlines in.. yes, guessed it..  25 words or less.  Its super-fun for you all because its a moderately pithy and easy read, and its super-fun for us because we've written quite a bit this week and it allows us to let our collective typing fingers relax a bit..  

Here we go...

Republican Debate Veers Toward the Absurd ( International)  -- "The US Republican candidates' debate in Florida quickly devolved into a horror show of absurdities on Thursday night as candidates argued about immigration and moon colonies. Mitt Romney was branded the winner, but the real losers were the viewers, the truth and politics in general."

~ Pure political pandering due to Florida's Space Coast being decimated by job losses.  Next up- Nevada and why every American should be gambling more...

Euro ministers upbeat on Greece, crisis solution  (Reuters) -- "Euro zone finance officials voiced optimism on Friday that a deal to avert a disorderly Greek default was imminent and that key building blocks to resolve Europe's sovereign debt crisis are gradually fitting into place."

~ Isn't naivete lovely?  Greece needs €130 billion by March.  Then will need more.. and More.. Money down a hole..  like in US.  Default already!

US economy picked up pace in final quarter of 2011 with 2.8% growth (Guardian.UK) --  "Growth between October and December was fastest of year, but US economy expanded by a modest 1.7% overall in 2011...  almost 2% of the 2.8% GDP growth was accounted for by firms rebuilding their stocks of goods – an effect that is likely to be temporary."

~  For perspective, US economy expanded 3% in 2010. Be nice if government give up meddling in economy; stop manipulating capitalism & let banks/financials fail.

Fitch Downgrades Several Euro Countries (MarketWatch) -- "U.S. ratings agency Fitch says it is downgrading the credit ratings for five European nations.. Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia and Spain."

~ Actually, wrong!  Fitch is French; majority-owned subsidiary of FIMALAC headquartered in Paris. Must be why it didn't downgrade France like S&P had

Most Americans say feds should act on foreclosures (AP) -- "A majority of Americans say the federal government should act to prevent home foreclosures, but a sharp partisan divide exists between Democrats and Republicans on the issue"

~  Here's how you prevent foreclosure- pay mortgage & budget, renegotiate lending terms, or rent (by room or entire home)  But Keep your obligation!

It will be nice to see January end.. This faux 'normalcy' around the world just is too much to take; lulls people into a false sense of security-- an intellectual slumber.  Not that most people need an excuse to drift  off into a world of 'recovery' dreams; a place where governments 100% of the time magically come up with can-kicking solutions so populaces don't have to directly face the consequences of their economic life-choices, non alter their lifestyles or mindsets in any meaningful way.

February is still four days away so back to bed, young ones... dream away~

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