Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grecian Soap Opera: As the World Yawns

Late last night (or very early this morning), the Eurozone and Greece's leaders after meeting for 12 hours, finally ended their little pow-wow essentially agreeing to cut the nation up into little pieces, once & forever killing off Greece as a democratic, sovereign nation.

And for all the things agreed upon which will undoubtedly turn investors, banks and other profiteers' tiny little willies into small chubbies in celebration of non-default (amazingly its been 40 months since Lehman Bros. and financiers have yet to suffer a genuine loss), here's the most important thing to take from the meeting:

"To make sure all goes smoothly, Big Brother will be watching. Permanently. The troika (made up of the ECB, IMF and EU), will have an "enhanced and permanent presence on the ground in Greece" to make sure the country holds up its end of the bargain."  Telegraph UK

In other words, the technocrat, Papademos and the other Greek political filth were so eager beaver to get a financial aid package provided to them (which practically every penny goes to creditors and not the nation itself), that it declared April's elections to be mute, since a 'permanent presence' of banking technocrats will be running Greece's finances.  And make no mistake, this economic colonization will last for decades if not forever since it will be forever and a day before Greece ever grows its economy again to productivity.

And if the Grecian people ever want their nation back, they better start channeling their violent passions not at local merchants and buildings, but at those specifically responsible for this shame.    Last year it was Arab Spring.  Now is the time for a Grecian Spring.
I still believe Greece will default in late March and trigger a much needed market correction.  There's still too many variables at play and nations like Netherlands and Germany have been openly saying Greece should just default and leave the euro on its own.  So still many twists and turns in this soap opera.

But for today..  Greece, you just Officially became a colony.

ΥΓΕΙΑ!!  (Greek for 'Cheers!'; Phonetic Pronounciation: Yamas)

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