Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neo Noir, One In The Gun, brings a little horror to the screen

Neo Noir, One In The Gun, brings a little horror to the screen

Horror film fans will rejoice as Kanefsky gives his latest flick "One In The Gun" a bit of gore...

Hollywood, CA (PRWire) (5/28/08) - On first pass, Rolfe Kanefsky's latest flick, the noir-thriller "One In The Gun" seems to be a gentle ride for this King of Horror, but standing on set watching a graphic scene of lead actor Steven Man ("Savage Island") lying prostate, hands and feet bound to the bed posts, getting his chest clawed open by the long, searing talons of his two co-stars - Latin America's latest, gorgeous gift to the USA, Columbian-born Kika Perez and the not-so-innocent, stunning coquette, Dana Fares, who are straddled across his groin savoring in the delicacy of his blood and their lust for one another, one realizes this film is anything but an ordinary film noir.

"One In The Gun", currently lensing in greater Los Angeles, follows a trail of greed, lust and murder. In a sleepy house, a murderous secret lies dormant until the perfect patsy falls into place. Crafting her charm to it's ultimate perfection, femme fatale Katrina Webb (Katherine Randolph) seduces a seemingly innocent painter to do her bidding. Will her lover (Stephen Williams) or her husband (Steven Bauer) be the target? What game is best played with three men at once?

A sneak peek at the taste of things to come can been seen in the stolen behind the scenes photographs... you want blood? Gore? Stunning women? You want to see "One In The Gun" (

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