Monday, October 3, 2011

From Paris Fashion Week 2o12 RTW collections (Kenzo, John Galliano, Givenchy)

First about Kenzo collection, creative collection of Kenzo designed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. I like color combines in this collection, I think in next summer this combines will be everywhere...
Second collection John Galliano's collection..John Galliano where you're gone??? (( This collection designed by Bill Gaytten , Gaytten cut a slip of a dress on the bias in pink georgette and beaded it delicately with seems very nice..
The last collection of Givenchy is my favorite collection from RTW 2o12. Givenchy's pink is very fabulous...and mixed chiffon, confident shouders, jackets that were sharp and soft at the same time....
Just enjoy...

1. Kenzo

2. John Galliano

3. Givenchy

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