Thursday, October 4, 2012

Goal: Stress Control

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Stress Control

Life is a balancing act. When we lose perspective, the strain of stress shows in our behavior, emotions and physical well being.

Stress control means "to decrease the effects of strain by stopping the stress response process during its early stages." To effectively do this, we must become aware of the signs of stress, the sources of stress, as well as to be able to access any readily available resources to counter or buffer the consequences of stress.


  • Recognize key emotional, physical, behavioral and interpersonal signs of stress
  • Understand how the costly distress cycle impacts all aspects of life
  • Understand the cumulative long term effects of stress and strain
  • Recognize subtle sources of stress
  • Know how to develop and access resources to counter and buffer strain
  • Develop additional critical resources for acute stress relief
  • Develop and use effective coping methods for acute stress relief
  • Understand the stress response process and how to effectively intervene at each step
  • Use early warning signs to prevent the strain from stress from becoming severe
  • Utilize multiple methods to successfully cope with acute stress


  • Stress and Strain Awareness Survey
  • Stress Response Process
  • Distress Cycle
  • Effects of Stress and Strain
  • Stressors in the Work Place
  • Stress Control Factors
  • Coping
  • Effective Stress Control And Coping Strategies

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