Thursday, October 18, 2012

A List of Good Influences

"Love is the killer app" -- business author Tim Sanders

Here's a very nifty list of "good influences" I found listed online.

"No one is asking you to be a saint or even to check off as many of these points as you can (but if you have OCD, you just might feel compelled to!). The point is to expand your sense of well-being, showing you all the dimensions of life that send signals to your body. One could easily call all of these positive influences a kind of placebo, because you expect to be pleased."

  • Social closeness, love, bonding

  • Healthy, balanced diet

  • Lack of toxins in the diet

  • Good sleep every night

  • Moderate exercise

  • Not smoking

  • Using alcohol in moderation

  • Satisfying work

  • Play time

  • Self-aware activities like meditation and self-reflection

  • Stress reduction

  • Healing old psychological wounds

  • Forgiveness and compassion

  • Inspiration from poetry, scriptures, and other sources of wisdom

  • Learning new things

  • Making peace with yourself

  • Devotion to a selfless cause

  • Higher vision of life

  • Letting go of excessive control

  • Self-reliance and high self-esteem

  • Tuning in to your body

  • Not forcing or straining

  • Empathy, taking other people's feelings seriously

  • Contact with nature

  • Feeling safe

  • Learning to give and receive

  • Gratitude, expressing appreciation

  • Music, dance, the visual arts

  • Being with children

  • Innocence, openness, a lack of cynicism

  • Not being judgmental

  • Seeing the future with hope

  • Optimism

  • Taking quiet time every day

  • Giving up perfectionism

  • Practicing non-violence

  • Dealing with sources of anxiety and depression

  • Developing resilient emotions, the ability to bounce back

  • Personal growth

  • Service

  • Learning simply to be

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