Monday, October 22, 2012

What should be asked for Debate #3

Tonight will be the third and thankfully final Presidential debate with the focus being on foreign policy. rather than domestic issues, though we're sure the candidates will do their best to ignore the questions posed and answer in a way that addresses economic concerns wherever possible.

What have we learned so far after the three debates (when including the VP farce)?  Really nothing.   If you liked Obama before, you still do.  If you liked Romney before, you still do... And if you're still undecided, your aversion to commitment of any kind or staying informed of the world around you is to be marveled.

We don't know what will be asked tonight by the moderator but we do know what we'd ask the candidates..

We must warn beforehand that our questions may appear on the surface to be impartial or skewed against the President, but when asking on foreign policy of the last four years, he was the #1 decision and policy maker, not Romney.
Question to Both candidates:   

Currently we're in year 11 of the 'War on Terror'.  Osama bin Laden has been killed and we're still fighting Al Quida abroad..  Since the enemy doesn't belong to a specific nation with a specific flag and uniforms,etc, how will you or rather how will we the people know when this War is ultimately over, or should we expect this to go on for decades or generations?

Follow up Q:  The restrictions on Americans' freedoms and liberties like the Patriot Act, TSA screeners at airports going through everyone's personables and feeling all the passengers up, etc... Will this be indefinite too?

Question to President Obama:

All this destabilization in Libya which resulted in the murder of the US Ambassador and 3 other Americans.. Do you take responsibility for it?

Follow Up Q:  Why did you have Gadhafi, the leader of Libya assassinated?  We're not implying he was a good guy but he, like Saddam Hussein in Iraq kept their wild, zealot-like population under control.  Also prior to his death, Libya was the richest and most prosperous nation in North Africa and only 1 of 4 nations around the globe that did not borrow from international banks to keep its economy afloat.    And if you Had to get Gadhafi out of power... why not arrest him and put him on trial instead?
Question to President Obama:

Recently it was announced that the US plans to have direct negotiations with Iran, a nation seeking to build nuclear weapons to use on Israel and others and a nation that openly supports terrorism-- Hezbollah among others.. Do you not see this as going against US policy against negotiating with terrorists and if not, please explain?

Follow Up Q:  You've stated Mr President that its unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons yet how are you going to convince Iran diplomatically?  Do you plan on giving the nation money, power/influence in the UN or other benefits as rewards in exchange for them scrapping their program?

Question to Both candidates:

How do you see America's role in the world in both the next four years and how you'd like to see it over the next generation?   How do you see America's role in regards to the UN?  In other words, do you see the US as superior to, equal to or subservient to the United Nations?
Question to President Obama:

A couple years ago, you were awarded the Noble Peace Prize-- Considering that for most of your administration, our fighting forces have been in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as sending predator drones into Pakistan, etc and what transpired in Libya, can you admit the award was Not deserved?  If you disagree with the contention, please explain how the question is mistaken?

Question to Both candidates:

Does China manipulate their currency i.e. devaluing it to seek unfair advantage with trade abroad?   Yes or No?  Does the US i.e the Federal Reserve do the same thing?  How are we similar or different to the Chinese when it comes to manipulation of currency and interest rates?
So much more we could ask but ultimately it matters more what is asked for real then anything written here.

We'll watch the last debate late tonight on the internet and have analysis by tomorrow.

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