Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Airrosti: Soft Tissue Rehab


Airrosti, as a company, has only been around since 2004.  The Airrosti assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model grew from a small handful of practitioners who then formed the company.  The Airrosti model itself has been around and changing for about 20 years. The initial plan was to focus efforts in Texas to build existing practices up to full books before going elsewhere.

So what exactly is Airrosti and why should you know about it?  Well Airrosti is a new form of treatment for sports related injuries.  The Airrosti assessment, diagnosis, and treatment model specifically addresses the connective tissue systems in the body and provides the appropriate directed manual strokes, pressures, and movements along with neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic activity in order to treat what Airrosti practitioners find.

If you’re looking for some type of comparison, then Airrosti might be compared to   ‘myofascial release,’ except it is so much more than anything else out there and the therapy is performed in a completely different manner.  As far as theory goes behind the Airrosti treatment, there is plenty of evidence in peer reviewed journals out there that support the idea that fascial tissue is the limiting factor in musculoskeletal injuries.

As you may or may not know, fascia has no blood supply and is avascular, therefore T1 and T2 weight images, CT scans, and X-rays cannot image fascia. Muscle and ligamental tissue are very rich with blood and as such heal very quickly, plus, they are more tensile than fascial tissue, more elastic. Airrosti aims to take this injured fascial tissue and re-align it correctly within the body to facilitate fast healing and prevention of chronic injuries. The benefits patients enjoy immediately from treatment (which does a functional outcome assessment at the end of every treatment) are things like increased range of motion, increased stability, increased strength, and decreased pain.

What makes Airrosti so different?

  • Great Surgical Alternative for Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Imaging, Injections, Pharmaceuticals & Other Costly Procedures
  • Quality one-on-one Patient Time for an Entire Hour
  • Individualized Time with Provider Leads to More Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Patients Return to Pain-Free Activity Usually within three Visits


Airrosti does have some competition including
The Graston TechniqueGua Sha Technique

How Can Airrosti Help?

  • Detailed examination to diagnose the true injury
  • Individualized one-on-one hands-on soft tissue therapy
  • Instruction in an active rehabilitation program
  • K-Tape to enhance and accelerate the recovery process
  • Average number of Airrosti visits to resolve this condition – four (based on historical outcomes)

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